N.O. French Roast Coffee


A Choice of Whole Bean or Ground Dark Roasted Coffee, Maison Bertrand's New Orleans French Roast Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans. The N.O. French Roast coffee beans boast an origin from the Guji Zone in Ethiopia. Our carefully processed beans are then roasted to perfection to bring out notes of chocolate and sweet tobacco with a bold flavor and a smooth finish. Some ask why we would spend so much time on bean selection to just dark roast 'em..?? We believe that no matter the roast, the bean provides so much depth to the final flavor profile. Our simple answer...Its totally worth it! We select only the finest Arabica beans from smallholder Ethiopian farms whose dedication to the fine art of growing coffee is unmatched. We maintain a direct link between ourselves and our Farmer partners. At Maison Bertrand we strive everyday to keep the Louisiana traditions and culture of fresh roasted coffee alive. To taste our Kafé is to have a taste of Louisiana on the lips and always at your fingertips.

INGREDIENTS: Arabica Coffee Beans