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100% Pure French Chicory


With a flavor similar to coffee, chicory tastes a bit more roasted with a sweeter peppery aroma. Some even smell a hint of chocolate. Chicory is often used with or as a substitute for coffee. With no caffeine it offers a smooth roasted flavor comparable to that of coffee. You know we love our Chicory at home in New Orleans. Chicory touts some awesome medicinal properties as it aids in cleansing the body and can be beneficial for the gallbladder and our livers. It has also been known to control blood sugar levels. Not to gives us that delicious coffee flavor without being tough on the tummy. We source our chicory directly from France because straight from the source is just better...right? We think so! As with everything else our dedication to this fine art is unmatched. We maintain a direct link between ourselves and our partners. At Maison Bertrand we strive everyday to keep the Louisiana traditions and culture of fresh roasted coffee alive. To taste our Kafé is to have a taste of Louisiana on the lips and always at your fingertips.

INGREDIENTS: French Chicory Root